Immigration and Customs Enforcement settles male agent’s gender bias case for $175,000

A senior agent for Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the government agreed to settle a discrimination lawsuit, according to court records. In a two-sentence notice, a lawyer for ICE Agent James T. Hayes Jr. said the “parties have come to an agreement in principal” to settle the case for $175,000. Hayes filed the lawsuit in May, describing a “frat house” environment at ICE that humiliated male employees under former ICE chief of staff Suzanne Barr. After Hayes’ case was filed, other employees also alleged sexually inappropriate behavior toward employees. Barr had been accused of calling a male subordinate “sexy” and asking a personal question about his anatomy at an office party. A different complaint alleged that she offered to perform an oral sex act on a male subordinate during a work trip to Bogota, Colombia. She resigned in September.

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