Female firefighter in Florida wins sexual harassment lawsuit

In Miami, a female firefighter named Marlenis Smart who claimed that she was sexually harassed for years has won a lawsuit for $700,000 against the city.  She claimed that her bosses and co-workers sexually harassed her and targeted her for personal attacks as well as death threats. Court papers reflect that the harassment began when she was hired in January 2005.  She claimed that on her first day on the job, she was introduced as “the chick who is doing this as a hobby and doesn’t need to work due to her husband’s financial situation.”  Read more here:

Sexual harassment can occur in one of two ways:
I.     Quid pro quo harassment which can constitute a one-time occurrence or involve repeated behavior requiring a person to tolerate some form of sexual harassment in order to get a job, keep a job, get a raise or promotion, or to receive some other benefit. This harassment can come from a prospective employer, a current employer, a manager or supervisor, or a co-worker.  The sex and sexual orientation of your harasser does not matter.
II.    Hostile work environment which involves repeated behavior that is abusive or offensive, or that interferes or alters the victims’ ability to perform their job.

Employers that foster or allow these conditions to continue can be found liable for the conduct of the offending employees. For more information, see:

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