Two exotic dancers have sued a chain of Texas strip clubs in Houston federal court, claiming the clubs failed to pay them minimum wage and overtime. The lawsuit, which seeks to cover current and former dancers who work for the same chain, alleges that the common operations and control behind XTC Cabaret and Rick’s Cabaret International misclassify their dancers as independent contractors rather than employees. The lawsuit, filed by dancers Maylene Velasco and Megan Jenkins, against XTC Cabaret, RCI Entertainment and Rick’s Cabaret International, alleges the owners violated federal wage and hour laws. The clubs do not pay the dancers, who are typically work eight-hour shifts. Instead, the dancers pay the clubs to allow them to perform at a rate that ranges between $20 and $100 per shift. The dancers work solely for tips, the lawsuit claims, while the clubs require them to share the tip money with disc jockeys, managers and others. The lawsuit contends the dancers are employees and point to the employment application they complete and the clubs’ decisions on the dancers’ shifts, costumes, makeup music and stages. Dancers are fined for not adhering to the clubs’ schedules, according to the suit.

Throughout history employers have taken advantage of employees. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and New York wage and hour laws were enacted to address these injustices. They protect employees and ensure they are paid proper wages and properly compensated for working overtime. The laws are complex and their application depends on your unique circumstances. An experienced FLSA and New York wage and hour attorney can help you determine if you are being correctly treated and compensated.

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