The cover of Vogue Hommes Internationale has recently depicted a picture of model Stephanie Seymour being choked and grabbed from behind by a fellow male model. Critics say have stated the picture sends a bad message to men and women. The 2008 Journal of Emergency Medicine performed a study of murders of women in 11 cities. The study found that 43% of women who were killed by their partners were choked to some extent before being killed. Read more

Under New York Domestic Relations law Section 170, a wife can divorce a husband based on adultery, imprisonment, abandonment, cruel and inhumane treatment and no fault conversion. All of these grounds, can be proven by a preponderance of the evidence except for adultery which requires a showing of clear and convincing evidence. Additionally. A spouse seeking to gain a divorce based on cruel and inhumane treatment must show that serious misconduct by the other spouse that so endangers their spouse’s mental or physical well-being that renders it improper or unsafe for the injured spouses to cohabit with the cruel spouse. A court will look to the duration of the marriage as a critical factor when considering to grant a divorce based on this ground. If a spouse considers the marriage as “dead” it is not sufficient for divorce under this ground. See: Here

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