A recent study shows that divorce rates around the country are on the decline, but for one group, it is just the opposite.  The Census Bureau finds that one in four people getting a divorce these days are age 50 and up.  That rate has doubled in twenty years.  The study speculates the rise in the rate and attributes that many women are more financially independent than they have been in the past.  Further, there is less social pressure to stay married. Another reason is that Tyhe definition of marriage has evolved since their parents’ generation to a greater focus on individual happiness, rather than fulfilling marital roles.

Getting a divorce under New York law has become an easier process than previous years.  This is due to the fact New York has passed a law permitting no-fault divorce, meaning that a couple need not prove any instances of wrongdoing or abuse in order to file for divorce in a court of law.  In New York, spouses are allowed to terminate their marriages within a period of six months after declaring that their marriage is “irretrievably” broken down. New York is the last state to adopt this stance, which officially makes the U.S. a “no-fault divorce nation”.  This is one of the rare instances in which all 50 states show some sort of uniformity on an issue.

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