Controller Reaches $1.2M Accord with 4 Firms on Behalf of Cheated Immigrant Workers

City Controller John Liu announced a nearly $1.2 million settlement on behalf of the workers who, for years, had been robbed of much of their wages and benefits.  Four construction management firms, Mascon, JF Contracting, Promanagement Associates and Delcor Associates had to pay $1,178,323 to the controller’s office for failing to pay prevailing wages and benefits to workers as the law mandates on city funded projects. The firms were hired by the Department of Housing Preservation and Development to inspect and repair the agency’s buildings.  Lui stated the workers should have been getting $20 to $30 an hour but instead were being paid around $8.   Read more.

When performing public works projects pursuant to City contracts, employers are required to pay their workers prevailing wages and benefits as spelled out by the law. The Comptroller’s Bureau of Labor Law enforces New York State Labor Laws 220 and 230 in New York City.  Prevailing Wages under Labor Laws 220 and 230 include both a wage rate and a supplemental benefit rate. These rates change over time.These laws require private sector contractors engaged in public works projects and public building services in the City of New York to pay no less than the prevailing wage to their employees for work covered by the statutes.  Get More Information

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