In Nevada, an elderly man who had ashes started a fire which forced over 4,000 people to evacuate from their towns.  The man was throwing away fireplace ashes which ended up igniting a fire and burning down 29 homes.  The elderly man admitted the fire was his fault and that he should have properly disposed of the ashes.   As a result of his actions, the man faces potential jail time for arson charges, and may also be ordered to pay for the cost of fighting the fire around $690,000.  See full article:

It is important to ensure your finances and properties are well protected when you become elderly and/or unable to control your own affairs. It is also important that you entrust the correct people to guard your assets when signing a health care directive.  Other estate planning documents, such as a last will and testament helps to appropriate how your property is dispersed upon your death.  According to New York Surrogate’s Courts, a valid will can transfer an interest in both personal property (e.g. bank accounts, furniture, stocks, clothing) and real property (such as real estate).  A will also allows a person to name an individual to serve as an executor of the estate and guardian over the children.  Moreover, a will can provide protection for family members (for example, trusts for adult incompetent children).


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