77-year-old woman beaten to death, man high on bath salts to blame

Police have reported that a 77 years old woman was beaten to death by a neighbor.  The neighbor, Robert William, who is 20 years old, went into a rage because he was high on synthetic drugs, including common day bath salts.  It is reported that he hit an elderly neighbor over the head with a shovel and then locked himself in his apartment to hide from police.He hit the woman over the head in reaction to her after she supposedly told him to not swing a tool at some birds.  Read more

Recognizing the importance of elder care and safety, as well as estate planning in the event of a tragic death is important to anyone with elderly family members.  If a decedent dies without a last will and testament, the estate is subject to intestacy by the New York Surrogate Court. Under the Estate Planning and Trusts Law (EPTL) 4.1-1, when a person dies without a last will and testament, all distribution, debts, administration expenses and reasonable funeral expenses will be deducted but all estate taxes shall be disregarded.  Distribution of the estate shall then be as follows. If a decedent is survived by a spouse and issue, then fifty thousand dollars and one-half of the residue estate will go to the spouse, and the balance remaining will pass to the children.  If a spouse dies without children, then the whole estate passes to the spouse. If there is no spouse and no children, then the whole estate will pass to one or both surviving parents. See

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