Widows of Janitor Joseph Mack Feud Over Cremation

A family is outraged after Brooklyn janitor Joseph Mack was cremated.  Joseph Mack was cremated at the direction of his wife, Regina Brown.  The only problem is that Regina Brown was not his only wife.  The other wife wanted him buried with the family.  This ugly widow’s war has spawned an ugly legal mess with accusations of bigamy and deceit.  Joseph Mack, a father of five, separated from Shirley after he retired from a Brooklyn nursing home.  This separation was never made legal by divorce.  In 2007, Joseph Mack and Regina Brown were married, unbeknownst to his family.  At his passing, Brown ordered Joseph Mack to be cremated.  Unfortunately, this cannot be reversed.  NY Daily News.

Proper estate planning avoids messy situations after death by making your wishes known.  You may have discussed in general terms with your family whether you would rather be buried or cremated, or that you would prefer a big party over a somber get together, but most people do not even consider these basic questions until they reflect on their own mortality.  For many people it is also a difficult subject to discuss seriously and openly with their friends and family.  To ensure that your wishes will be carried out, it is best to include your burial instructions in your Last Will and Testament.  Further, to ensure your Last Will and Testament is enforceable, it is necessary you consult with an estate planning attorney.  No estate is too small to be excluded from estate planning.

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