Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson File for Divorce

Actor Ryan Reynolds, 34, and Actress Scarlett Johansson, 26, announced their separation in early December, and have filed for the divorce in Los Angeles Superior Court just before the Christmas holiday.  The couple wed in a private ceremony in Canada in 2008.  Both sides cite December 14, 2010 as their date of separation.  Neither Reynolds nor Johansson are seeking spousal support.  It has been reported that the couple grew apart under the strain of managing two thriving careers and that the two are splitting on good terms.  Full article: people.com.

Reynolds and Johansson filed for divorce in California, a community property state, where there is a presumption of equal division of property.  In a community property state, marriage is viewed as a community and each spouse is a member that contributes equally.  Upon divorce, each spouse has a right to equal division of property, although separate property that may have been owned or retained separately will not get distributed equally (CA divorce law.) New York is not a community property state, but follows an equitable distribution system.  There are several factors weighed in determining what is equitable and fair.  Judges are afforded great discretion in rendering what may be “tough justice,” in that distribution may not necessarily be about equal distribution, rather it is about what is fair.  NY divorce law

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