NYC Mayor Bloomberg Proposes Laying Off 4,666 Teachers

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed a $65.6 billion budget that includes millions of dollars in cuts to social services, thousands of teacher layoffs.  The mayor proposed laying off 4,666 teachers and cutting another 1,500 jobs through attrition. Those losses represent roughly one out of every 12 teachers in the nation’s largest public school system.  The cuts will close a deficit of $4.58 billion without proposing any tax increase for New Yorkers.  However, Bloomberg’s preliminary budget relies on the state coming forward with $600 million in additional aid.  If the state does not eventually come forward with the $600 million the mayor is seeking, there may be additional layoffs and service cuts.  full article.

Those who are employed understand that now, more than ever, employment of any kind is crucial, and that “job security” has become a thing of the past.  During these tough times many companies are forced to lay-off workers to keep afloat.  Though many companies will act within the bounds of the law, some may use tactics that are unlawful.  It is crucial that employees know and understand their rights under the law.  The attorneys at Leeds, Morelli & Brown, P.C. work to uncover unlawful business practices and empower employees to stand up for their rights.

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