Jesse James & Kat Von D engaged

According to People Magazine, James and Von D, are engaged.  The couple’s relationship went public less than three months after James and Sandra Bullock’s divorce was finalized in June 2010.  The couple plans to continue splitting their time together between James’s home in Austin, Texas, and Von D’s home in Los Angeles, California.  Read More

James and Von D may want to consider a prenuptial agreement given their past relationship histories. Under New York Domestic Relations Law, a prenuptial agreement is a contract between two people who are going to get married which allocates how assets will be distributed in the event of divorce or death. You should consider having a prenup if you fall into any of the following categories: you have assets such as a home, stock or retirement funds, you own a business, you may be receiving an inheritance, you have children from a previous marriage, or one of the potential spouses is much wealthier than the other. Read More.

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