A Michigan man is facing criminal charges for checking his wife’s email without her consent.  Thirty-three-year-old Leon Walker found out about his wife’s affair after he used his wife’s password to get into her Gmail account and read her email on their home computer.  Clara had kept a book containing her internet passwords next to the couple’s computer.  Leon had suspected Clara was committing adultery, and confirmed it by simply checking his wife’s email.  Clara Walker filed for divorce, which was granted in December, 2010.  Now Leon Walker will face felony computer misuse charges – a trial date has been set for February 7, 2011.  Read More.

The cause of action for divorce in New York state (accusations against the defendant by the plaintiff that are grounds for divorce) are limited to:  Cruel and inhuman treatment;  Abandonment for a continuous period of one year or more;  Imprisonment for more than three years subsequent to the marriage; Adultery; Conversion of a separation judgment;  Conversion of a written and acknowledged separation agreement after living separate and apart for more than one year;  The relationship between husband and wife has broken down irretrievably for a period of at least six months.  Although New York now has a “no fault” divorce law, adultery may be quicker ground to plead when filing for divorce, as there is no wait period.  However, Adultery must be proven and the evidence must be corroborated.  Under New York law, email hacking remains a criminal offense.  A spouse attempting to prove the other has been cheating may want to think twice about hacking into an email account.

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