Hall of Fame Baseball Pitcher Bob Feller Dead at 92

Feller was a 17-year-old farm boy from Van Meter, Iowa, who signed onto the major leagues in 1936.  The famous ball player died at 92, after being diagnosed with leukemia in August.  His accomplishments included being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame as pitcher who won 266 games. He was also a World War II hero with five campaign ribbons and eight battle stars. In July of 1936, Feller first caught the eye of baseball scouts when he struck out eight of the “Gas House Gang” St. Louis Cardinals in an exhibition game. His fastball that was clocked at 98.6 mph.  Read More

Under New York Estate Powers and Trust Law, a valid will can help to dictate a Testator’s intent as to who should get what property he own as of his death. A valid will must be signed by two disinterested witnesses. The concept of “interested” witnesses then should be considered. Under New York law, if a beneficiary named in the will is also a necessary will witness, then the will is valid, but the witness forfeit’s the legacy (bequest) unless at the time of the execution of the will, there were at least 2 other witnesses to the will who received nothing under the will. If 3 witnesses sign the will, then the (extra) supernumerary does not lose her bequest.  If the necessary interested witness was also an intestate distributee who would benefit if there was no will, then that witness is permitted to take either her intestate share or her bequest under the will, whichever amount is less. A necessary witness is not disqualified from:

  1. Taking under a subsequent codicil that names her as a beneficiary PROVIDED she was not a necessary W to that codicil, or
  2. Acting as the named trustee or executor under T’s will.

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