It has been a rough couple of weeks for Two and Half Men actor Charlie Sheen.  After an exclusive interview with NBC, where Sheen’s outrageous behavior was thrown into the national spotlight, Sheen finds himself in the middle of a major custody battle.  That is, his two young sons have been temporarily removed from his home.  His ex-wife Brooke Mueller has filed a restraining order against him.  To get his children back, Sheen will have to go through a bitter battle in court.  Sheen’s TV appearances, where he exposed his unusual living situation with live-in girlfriends, a former porn start and a model, of whom he refers to as “the goddesses,” will make it that much harder to convince a family court judge that he is fit to have custody of his young sons.  However, Sheen’s ex-wife Brooke Mueller is not without her share of problems.  Sheen has said he intends to make a bid for full custody of his twin sons based on Mueller’s alleged cocaine use.  Stay tuned… this will certainly be the battle of all battles!  Full article.

Under New York law, a child is subject to a custody arrangement until age 18.  In New York child custody matters, the Court determines custody based on what it believes to be the best interests of the children.  A child custody decision is not set in stone. Changing circumstances within the family or with the child may make it necessary to ask the judge for a modification to the original child custody order.  This may include a parent becoming unfit.  Any modification is always based on the best interest of the child and it is never one factor that will determine the court’s decision.

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