When Sperm Siblings Connect Domestic Relations Becomes Relevant

Over the last decade, sperm donor conception has blossomed due to the growing diversity of American families formed by adoption, divorces, single mothers and same-sex couples. Studies estimate 30,000 to 60,000 children are born each year with the help of donated sperm.  Anonymity in sperm donations, however, is decreasing as donor children find one another on the web through the Donor Sibling Registry online.  The Registry is a voluntary website that matches donor siblings based on identification numbers. Currently, the billion-dollar sperm banking industry remains unregulated.  However, about 7,300 connections have been made through the Donor Sibling Registry. The site is also able to bring the children and the donor together. Recent Hollywood movies have explored the lives of donor children. The film “The Kids Are All Right,” starring Julianne Moore and Annette Bening, tells the story of teenage children conceived through sperm donations who seek and get to know their donor father. Jennifer Aniston’s latest movie, “The Switch,” is about a single woman who uses a sperm donor to get pregnant. Scott Brown, a spokesman for California Cryobank, the largest sperm bank in the country stated that “When you see things appear in pop culture, it really suggests a shift in acceptance.” CNN Article

Issues regarding New York Child Custody & Visitation rights are governed by Under New York Domestic Relations Law. The standard by which these rights are determined is based upon “the best interests of the child.” Child Support is dependent on various factors but generally the courts apply a numeric formula to make its determination. As a child matures, his or her wishes are considered by the court, and often the judge will speak to a mature child in chambers and consider their wishes.

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