Violent NYC Storm Kills 1 Woman, Highlights the Importance of Estate Planning

A short but severe storm might have moved quickly through New York City Thursday night, with winds up to 100 mph, uprooted trees, damaged cars and left one person dead.

Thursday’s storm hit just after 5 p.m. EDT, when the National Weather Service briefly issued a tornado warning for Staten Island. Shortly afterward, it added warnings for Brooklyn and Queens.  In Queens Iline Leuakis’s was killed as she sat in the driver’s seat.  She pulled over on the shoulder of the Grand Central Parkway when she saw signs that the storm was worsening, but the 30 year old was struck by a tree which fell on her parked car.  Responders pronounced the young woman 30-year old dead at the scene, while a 60-year-old passenger in her car suffered minor injuries, police said.  Others in the metropolitan area reported numerous minor injuries to authorities.  See full story

This terrible tragedy brings to mind the importance of preparing your property should you pass unexpectedly in order to protect your loved ones from state taxes.  In order to do so, careful estate planning is essential.  For example, a valid will can transfer an interest in both personal property (e.g. bank accounts, furniture, stocks, and clothing) and real property (such as real estate) to loved ones.  Learn More.

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