Denise Borino-Quinn who played Ginny Sacramoni, the wife of mob boss Johnny Sacramoni, in HBO series “The Sopranos” had died from cancer at the age of 46.  “The Sopranos,” which ran from 1999 to 2007, told the story of mobster Tony Soprano.  According to, the internet movie database, Borino-Quinn was a legal secretary and part-time manicurist in Roseland, New Jersey, when she got “The Sopranos” role. She was selected from 14,000 actresses.  The actress married her late husband, Luke Quinn, in 2005. She has two younger brothers, Vincent Borino and Chris Borino.  Read More

It would be beneficial to Borino-Quinn’s family if she left behind a duly executed last will and testimony. In New York, if someone dies without a will, the estate passes through intestacy in a New York Surrogate’s Court, and is subject to the powers of government tax as well as other risky losses to the beneficiaries.  Other forms of wills which are nationally recognized include Nuncupative Wills and Holographic Wills. Nuncupative wills are orally made wills with 2 witnesses and Holographic Wills are unwitnessed, but entirely done in the testator’s handwriting. In New York,  a non-cupative will is accepted only if it was executed by a member of the Armed Forces, or a person accompanying Armed Forces during a declared or undeclared war. This type of will is valid in New York for 1 year following discharge from service.  However, if the 1 year statute of limitations expires, and the testator is still incompetent to execute a new will, then the old oral or handwritten will remains in effect.

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