Randy Travis and Wife Divorce

After 19 years of marriage, Randy Travis, 51, and his manager/wife Elizabeth “Lib” Travis are getting a divorce.  The couple filed a petition for dissolution of marriage in Santa Fe, NM.  The court papers say a “state of incompatibility exists between the two parties,” the Associated Press reports.  The pair married in secret in 1991 after dating for more than a decade.  Elizabeth has been credited with turning around both Randy’s life and career.   She saved him from a five-year prison stint for breaking into a convenience store. Convincing the judge to release him into her custody, Randy lived with Elizabeth and her then-husband.  Read More

Under New York Domestic Relations Law, when a couple gets a divorce, maintenance, also known as alimony, may be awarded for an indefinite or definite term, but will terminate upon death of either party or the recipient’s marriage unless the parties otherwise expressly agree by clear language. In determining the amount of maintenance, Courts consider the following factors: the spouses marital standard of living, the ability of the needy spouse to become self-supporting and the time and training necessary to do so, whether the spouse is unemployed as a result of having waived education or career opportunity by becoming a homemaker during the marriage.  Courts also look at the needs of the spouse and the financial disparity between their incomes.

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