Muslim Woman Files Lawsuit Against NY Waterways

Huda Alasali is one of two women who felt she was singled out because of her religion and may file a lawsuit in a claim of discrimination by a crew member at New York Waterways. A New York Waterways employee has been suspended after telling two Muslim women to take off some of their religious attire. Huda Alasali and a friend were denied a ferry ride to Governors Island by a crew member who took issue with their wardrobe. The crew member cited regulations and security as the reasons, but are not mentioned in any of the rules listed at the dock. “Truly I felt like, you know what? He thinks that we are terrorists,” said Alasali. When other passengers protested, the vessel’s captain got involved, and that’s when the crew member changed his story. Authorities have apologized to Alasali and said the employee was suspended. Despite the apologies and the crew member’s suspension, Alasali said that’s not enough. She plans on filing a lawsuit. “I don’t want money,” she said. “I’m looking for respect.” The New York Waterways said it has transported 200 million people without ever having a complaint like this and that it has no policy concerning ethnic or religious attire. Read More

Discriminating against an innocent individual or a group based on race or national origin may be prosecuted under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, such as those individuals who are Muslim, Arab, Afghani, Middle Eastern or South Asian. The law prohibits harassment or any other employment action based on religious affiliation, physical or cultural traits and clothing.  Read More

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