Michael Douglas’s Ex-Wife Sues For ‘Wall Street 2’ Royalties

Michael Douglas’ ex-wife, Diandra Douglas, has filed a lawsuit claiming she is entitled to half of Douglas’ Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps pay packet as well as royalties.  Diandra, who was married to Michael Douglas for 23 years, received a reported $45 million when she divorced the actor in 2000.  Diandra has reappeared in court claiming the divorce agreement contained a clause entitling her to money from any “spinoffs” of Douglas’ movies, including a Wall Street sequel.  Diandra claims Michael Douglas is playing the same character, same title, just years later.  Douglas’ refutes the claim, arguing that his ex-wife has no right to any money from Money Never Sleeps because sequels are not spin-offs.  Douglas’ attorney, Marilyn Chinitz, has stated “He doesn’t want her to be an albatross around his neck forever.”  Full Article: NY Post

A judgment of divorce will always have the legal effect of being an fully enforceable court order. Even after parties are divorced, the family courts will still retain the ability to enforce their judgments of divorce for as long as required.  In any divorce case there is always the strong possibility that your former spouse will not comply with the terms of your settlement agreement.  In the event a party does not comply with agreement, it is important to preserve your rights and immediately petition the court.

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