Miami Socialite Gail Posner Leaves Her Fortune to her Pet Chihuahua

Gail Posner, wealthy Miami Socialite who passed away in March, 2010, left her $8.3 million mansion and a $3 million trust fund to her pet Chihuahua.  Her only son has filed papers contesting the validity of his late mother’s Last Will and Testament, claiming that her household staff – who were left a total of $26 million, while he received just $1 million – are behind the Will, which she changed in 2008.  Carr claims that the household staff brainwashed and possibly drugged her into changing her Last Will and Testament to bequeath the majority of her fortune to them.  Carr also claims that she was mentally ill, including a serious drug problem, and had cancer.  Full Article

Florida has a statute that specifically authorizes trust for the care of pets. In 1996, the New York legislature enacted a law to allow for the creation of trusts for pets.

However, up until recently, the New York statute had a twenty-five year limitation for the duration of a pet trust.  Governor David A Patterson signed a new amendment to the older legislation.  New York has now joined the majority of states that recognize the longer time duration for the pet trust and conforms to the Uniform Trust and Probate Codes.  The trust may now last for the entire lifetime of the pet, without a yearly limitation.

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