Mel Gibson Never “Fired” From Hangover 2

Director Todd Phillips set the record straight this week after many rumors circulated surrounding Mel Gibson and the Hangover 2 movie.  Phillips told the associated press that Mel Gibson was not fired from the upcoming movie, rather Phillips had to swap out a cameo appearance, thus using Liam Neeson instead of Mel Gibson.  Several days before releasing this statement, the rumor mill was churning as several media outlets claimed Gibson was fired from the set as a result of his recent separation from ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva.  Last month several audio recordings were released by RadarOnline capturing an explosive argument purportedly between the actor and Grigorieva.  People questioned whether Gibson’s violent behavior caused the actor to be released from this soon-to-be hit movie.  Director Phillips denied all rumors, although some continue to speculate that there is some truth to the rumors.  People Magazine

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