Long Island ‘Hit-Mom’ Trial

Susan Williams is a Garden City mother who has been accused of plotting to kill her husband, showed no emotion as closing summations were given in her trial.  Williams did not take the stand.  The case now rests in the hands of the jury.   Prosecutor Anne Donnelly said that the defendant wife wanted her husband dead so she could get a $1 million life insurance policy.  Donnelly called the defendant the mastermind behind the plan and showed the jury videotapes of Williams making a $500 deposit for the plot.  Peter Williams was not in court for the summations.  If she is convicted, Susan Williams faces up to 25 years in prison.  Read More

Under the New York Criminal Penal Code, solicitation is an offer to enter into an illegal contract.  A person is guilty of criminal solicitation when with the specific intent that another commit a crime, he solicits, encourages, incites, requests commands or otherwise attempts to cause another person to engage in criminal conduct.  This crime is the earliest in time – it is followed by facilitation, conspiracy and attempt.  In NY there are 5 degrees of solicitation.  No corroboration and no overt act is required for a solicitation conviction.  It is not a defense that the person who solicited the offer lacked capacity. If the solicitation offer is accepted then a Conspiracy arises.  In New York, a defendant can be found guilty of both solicitation and conspiracy because solicitation occurs as soon as the solicitor utters the offer.

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