LeBron James Seeks Dismissal of Lawsuit Over Paternity Claims

A lawsuit has been filed by a Washington D.C. attorney, Leicester Stovell, alleging he is the father of basketball superstar LeBron James.  Stovell claims he met James’ mother, Gloria, in a Washington bar and restaurant in 1984, when she was visiting from Ohio.  At the time Gloria James was 15 or 16 years old, and Stovell says they had sex only once, and was informed by Gloria James months later that she was pregnant.  Leicester Stovell alleges the NBA all-star and his family have been involved in a cover-up to deny paternity.  Attorneys for James and his mother filed papers in federal court seeking to dismiss a pending lawsuit.  Full Article

Paternity is the term by which a father is granted legally enforceable rights and responsibilities to his child. Under New York law, paternity may be established in one of three ways: (1) If the parties are married, New York presumes the husband of any children of the marriage; (2) Paternity can be established by the proper execution of an acknowledgment of paternity; (2) Paternity can be established by a court order.  The time to commence a paternity proceeding under Article 5 of the Family Court Act is any time during the pregnancy of the mother, or after the child is born, but not after twenty one years, unless paternity is somehow acknowledged by the father, or he paid support.

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